NOTICE: None of these pages, mailing lists, etc. are active any longer. This site is being preserved as a piece of Aristasian history.

Elegant books on feminine discipline. This is real Literature about discipline as opposed to the usual flagellation pulp.

Genuine traditional English school canes. The real article is difficult to find.

Authentic Scottish tawses. Again, very rare these days.


Audio Dreams
Instant audio fantasies of delicious feminine discipline. Hear one right now!

School Knickers

Avenbridge School
A weekly school for grown-up girls with real lessons and real discipline

Miss Martindale
The Beautiful and formidable foundress of the Wildfire Club





This site is dedicated to the discipline of females by females. It is not a sex site.

Much of the literature offered here is written by and for Aristasians, a group of women who live a dedicated disciplinary life based on traditional values and femininity.

We also offer disciplinary implements of traditional quality, uniform items and other necessaries.

The District Governess is back in print together with several other Wildfire books. Go to our new Book Section now!

The Female Disciplinary Manual

"A hard-hitting hardback that gives a new meaning to the phrase 'a punishing regime'." The Observer

Wildfire's acclaimed and complete guide to feminine discipline.

Back in Print!
The District Governess

A collection of short stories on disciplinary themes set in the all-female fantasy world of Aristasia.

A deliciously feminine world ruled by cane, strap and birch.



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