Exquisite Audio fantasies of feminine discipline written and read to the high literary and performance standards you have come to expect from the Wildfire Club. Pick up your phone and experience instantly these dreams of severity.

The Librarian

A young lady recruit to the library service discovers that the strict dress code does not only apply during working hours. Caught wearing tight jeans in her leisure hours by her prim superior, she soon experiences the sharp crack of the cane on the tautly-stretched seat of the offending garment.

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The Shop-Girl

Caught with her sticky little fingers in the till, Tracey, a sluttish young shop assistant, is offered the choice between the police and a sound spanking. Miss Carleton, her employer, discovers that she has a penchant for discipline and that she enjoys chastising her short-skirted employee. She imposes a new regime including dress regulations and prepares for her next opportunity.

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The Shop-Girl - Part 2

Things have changed. Tracey is better behaved and better dressed. Under Miss Carelton's orders she now wears stockings and suspenders rather than the despised tights, although she still doesn't wear a bra and, as Miss Carleton herself put it: "her large breasts wobbled somewhat inappropriately beneath her smart, businesslike blouse". Things have changed for Miss Carleton too. From an impromptu spanking which at first she hardly dared dream of and whose severity almost startled herself, she has developed a premeditated agenda and acquired from an antique shop an old-fashioned and rather lethal leather school strap. Tracey's encounter with that strap is the subject of this Audio Dream.

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The Maid

A pert young maid loves to tantalise her mistress's sophisticated lady guests with her short skirts and long legs. One day one of the guests decides that the little tease deserves a punishment — something a little more subtle than straps or canes. The gentle but insistent application of fresh young stinging nettles between the girl's tender thighs seems a fitting chastisement for a girl who loves to draw attention to that part of her body.

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The Traffic Warden

Power comes in many forms. Lorna, the black-stockinged young traffic warden enjoys the power conferred by her menial job, especially when she encounters a young lady driver who would rather receive corporal punishment than face her parents with another parking fine. In a disused parking lot she bends the girl over the bonnet of her car and takes off the leather belt from the waist of her light little uniform skirt...

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All calls cost £1 per minute at all times. callers must be over 18 and must have the permission of the bill-payer. This service is offered by The Wildfire Club, B.M.Elegance, London WC1N 3XX. Please note that these services bear no relation to the meretricious nonsense usually offered as "premium rate adult services". They are miniature works of feminine disciplinary art.