AVENBRIDGE is a traditional English-style girls' school which meets usually once a week. Girls are all over 18 — often considerably over — though they play the rôles of girls between 14 and 17. Some girls also play the rôle of a mistress

Entering Avenbridge is like entering any other girls' school. Given the initial premiss of "roleplay" everything that takes place in the School is perfectly genuine. Lessons are real, work is real. Homework is set and expected to be completed. Discipline is administered, but the School is certainly not a mere excuse for discipline. Indeed, some weeks there may be no physical punishment at all; though a girl may bring a "note from her mother" if discipline is specially required.

The School is set in the fantasy world of Aristasia It is open to all girls who are genuinely interested in that world or who are seriously interested in traditional schooling. No fees are charged. Only genuine females are admitted and only ones who are seriously interested and not simply coming for discipline (though disciplinary sessions can occasionally be arranged for girls who want only that).

Subjects studied at Avenbridge have included French, Latin, Spanish, Maths, History, Geography, Chinese Studies, Linguistics, English Literature, Diction, Music and some advanced seminars on Philosophy. All have been studied seriously and girls have improved both their knowledge and their mental capacities by pursuing these courses.

Punishment is administered where necessary for the maintenance of classroom discipline, academic standards, general conduct an personal presentation. Such punishment may be corporal or non-corporal and is entirely at the discretion of he mistress, though a girl's needs and limits will be discussed in advance of her membership and taken into consideration at all times.

Classes take place near to London, normally at weekends. Social activities associated with the School also take place from time to time. We are a friendly group, welcoming to newcomers even though insisting upon high standards.

If you would like to take part as a pupil at Avenbridge or feel that you could teach there, you are cordially invited to telephone 07957 911 994 between 9am and 9pm. Please note that men are not accepted either as pupils or as teachers.

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