English School Canes

School canes are easy to find. Genuine traditional ones of authentic English scholastic quality are not.

As members of an all-feminine society devoted to traditional values and discipline, Aristasian girls have found this a problem — and, of course, we have solved it.

We are now in a position to use - and to offer to you - real English school canes of the finest quality, allowing the administration of real, traditional English discipline as it was meant to be. They are a little more expensive than the inferior items offered by "sex" suppliers; but if you want the real thing, here it is.

For the sake of simplicity, we offer three basic canes. For a wider range of canes and more information, click here.

The Junior School Cane - a light cane in standard yellow rattan with traditional crook handle, capable of administering a salutary sting which will not quickly be forgotten. Price £12.


The Senior School Cane - A heavier and longer cane in the same traditional rattan and crook-handled style for more serious punishment. Six of the best with this cane is an ordeal which few offenders will care to repeat. Price £14.


The Governess Cane - this is a cane in a much darker and denser grade of rattan, frequently found in Victorian times and up to the 1930s but no longer commercially grown today. We obtain these by special purchase. If a serious deterrent is wanted, this cane will provide it. While in no way injurious it will deliver a devastating punishment which will reduce the most obstinate charge to meekness and obedience. As formidable in appearance as in effect, this dark, glossy crook-handled cane is an elegant and much-feared ultimate sanction. Price £25.

For more information on canes, click here.