The District Governess

The District Governess is a collection of short stories by Miss Regina Snow, the acclaimed Aristasian authoress whose "cut crystal prose" has been hailed as "immaculate" by The Daily Telegraph.

The various stories - all illustrated - span various parts of Aristasia and many settings, from the everyday work of the District Governess, whose duty is to administer serious chastisement to girls who have transgressed the law, to the intimate domestic life of a mistress who collects delicate maidservants for her pleasure and ends up being soundly spanked by one of them.

There are school scenes, stories of discipline in the workplace and even a spanking that takes place on the street - all set in an exquisitely feminine world of breathtaking delicacy and refinement. A world of lacy underwear and severe mistresses, of subtle sensuality and strait-laced strictness.

If you want to learn more about the Aristasian ideal as it is lived by girls in Britain today, this book supplies a fascinating glimpse into a world very like the one you are familiar with, and yet so very unlike it.

The District Governess is £25 sterling.

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