The traditional Scottish tawse is the one of the most devastating of disciplinary implements, justly feared by generations of schoolchildren. Now implements of this quality are almost unobtainable. Fortunately we have a maker in Scotland who still maintains the traditional standards.


Lochgelly Straps
The standard Scottish school strap, or tawse, made by a traditional Scottish saddler, stiff, two-tailed, 21" long x 1 1/4" wide. Traditionally used for extremely salutary hand-punishments as described and illustrated in The Feminine RĂ©gime, these formidable implements are equally chastening across the knickers or thighs. Unlike canes, good straps are virtually indestructible in ordinary use and one properly cared for should last a lifetime. Thirty pounds sterling


Heavy Lochgelly Straps
as above, but in leather not only thicker, but denser and harder, for more severe punishment. The leather used for our heavy straps is now very difficult to obtain - and to work - and consequently expensive, but we believe these are the only straps to approach the look and feel of the true original Lochgelly. Price Fifty pounds sterling

Three-tailed Lochgelly Straps
Standard Forty pounds sterling .

Heavy Sixty pounds sterling

Glasgow Straps
At one time teachers in Glasgow could only use this style of strap, which was issued by the Education Authority. It is a three-tailed implement of different design from the Lochgelly, longer and wider. Standard Price Forty-five pounds sterling

Heavy Price Sixty-five pounds sterling


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