Feminine Discipline — Books Published by the Wildfire Club

The Rule of the Strap

This is the real-life story of a girls' Approved School in Scotland in the 1950s, as told by a mistress who worked there as a teacher with special responsibility for discipline. The authoress is not a professional writer, but what the book lacks in Art, it makes up in sheer Authenticity:

[On my first day as a teacher] Morag asked about my own experience of receiving corporal punishment, and when I revealed how limited it had been, she said it might be useful if she now gave me a small reminder. I recalled how painful I had found my few past experiences, and did not wish any reminders, but I could not find appropriate words to decline quickly enough, and so deferred to her authority.

“Mary, hold out your hand.”

I raised my left hand and supported it with my right, in the traditional crossed hands pose. The two-tailed XH was now over her shoulder, and very soon swished down upon my palm. The thwack and the awful intense pain, seemed to arrive simultaneously. It was worse than I remembered . . . my face screwed up in agony. . . I had not been expecting this and had not experienced a strap of such weight before. I would always remember the first stroke delivered by my new tawse!

Hardback, Price £25

The House of Correction

A collection of short stories published by the Wildfire Club, including one — Blonde Discipline — by Miss Regina Snow. This is the only Aristasian story in the book. The others include the rather severe title story set in a Victorian House of Correction, two school stories and a delightfully whimsical piece entitled Indoor Games by Miss caroline Wye. Rather curiously, one of Miss Snow's earlier short stories, Miss Prism, Librarian, receives a sequel in this volume by a different authoress — Miss Angela Inslip.

While not being an Aristasian book, The House of Correction follows the Wildfire Club tradition of all-female discipline of a high literary standard, free from smut and sleaze and set among civilised people.

Readers may be interested to know that a rather prominent Aristasian Jinkypette posed for the cover of this book. She was secured to the whipping bench with straps, but these later had to be touched out for legal reasons. Ah, bongo censorship! Every kind of filth is permitted; but no straps.

Hardback, Price £25


Happy Tears

A true classic of feminine discipline first published in the 1930s. Unlike the ordinary "flagellation novel" of the period — and even more of the present period — this novel is not just a dreary tale of "whipping dummies", but a book that presents real, likeable and understandable people practicing genuine discipline in a moral and loving environment. As such it foreshadows the pioneering work of Miss Regina Snow.

The book carries a witty and analytical introduction by Miss Snow herself, who describes it as: "an honest, warm-hearted book that deals with the subject of discipline in a manner that is refreshingly decent and morally sound".

While not all characters are female, the main ones are, and an important part of the book is a deep and intimate portrayal of a mother-daughter relationship involving loving discipline

It should be unnecessary to say that no hint of sexuality enters into this sacred human bond, but we shall say it anyway, lest any enter this store with sordid imaginations!

The other relationship that is explored in the book is that between mistress and maid.

The book is lovingly typeset in the Aristasian Art-Neo manner which complements the original illustrations.

Hardback, Price £25

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